About me

I am interested in Theoretical Computer Science in general and Graph Algorithms in particular. I am associated with Umass Theory Group. Before coming to Umass, I was a PIMS postdoc at the Compter Science Department, University of Victoria, hosted by Valerie King. I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Oregon State University. I am fortunate enough to have Cora Borradaile as my advisor. Long time ago, I got a B.S. degree in Computer Science (honors program) from Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

My research has been generously supported by an NSF small grant (CCF-2121952), an NSF CAREER Award (CCF-2237288) and a Google Research Scholar Award.

My technical blog Rambling on Graphs is up.

Check out our FOCS 2022 workshop “Advances on Metric Embeddings” I co-organize with Arnold Filtser.


I will be updating both good news, bad news and all kinds of news.

  • [May 2024] One paper (1st submission to ICML ever) rejected from ICML.

  • [April 2024] My university Distinguished Teaching Award application failed!

  • [April 2024] Our paper “Spanners in Planar Domains via Steiner Spanners and non-Steiner Tree Covers” was uploaded to Arxiv.

  • [April 2024] Got Google Faculty Award. Thanks Google for the gift!

  • [April 2024] Our paper “Optimal Euclidean Tree Covers” was uploaded to Arxiv.

  • [Feb 2024] Two papers were accepted to SoCG24.

  • [Jan 2024] Our paper “Computing Diameter+2 in Truly Subquadratic Time for Unit-Disk Graphs” was uploaded to Arxiv.

  • [Jan 2024] I will be on the PC of HALG 24, SODA 25, ESA 24 and STACS 25.

  • [Oct 2023] One paper was rejected from SOSA 2024.

  • [Oct 2023] Two papers accepted to SODA 2024.